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On My Soap Box: Something to think about

I worked for just over 36 years and enjoyed everyday but my last 10 months.  There were some aspects of my job that I enjoyed more than others and that gave me the impetus to forge ahead. I kept a photo of my two sweethearts on my desk and when things got rough I would hold that photo and quietly say ‘this is for you’.  My kids helped keep me sane. As the date of my retirement drew nigh I would sit at my desk and wonder how I was going to live without the excitement of those particular aspects. After working 36 plus years one would think that the bell couldn’t ring soon enough to be rid of meetings, deadlines, conflicting priorities and cantankerous bosses.

I was down to T -7 on my countdown to freedom when by a twist of fate my time got extended by three days. …

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Coming on to the end of my 2nd year at school here in Jamaica and just when I thought this year couldn’t throw any more curve balls. Imagine that I only have about 2 weeks left here before I go home…. then out of no where… in comes a fast, twisting ball. LOL. Why did I just laugh? sigh. I guess it’s either I laugh or cry. You know that feeling when things happen and you are there watching as they unfold and you are thinking to yourself that this can’t be the case? LOL That’s me right now lol.

It’s like a movie.

Ever wished you could turn back the hands of time? hmmm. That would be welcomed right about now. 2 years later and I can only manage to hurt the only person I love. Never got it right then. I am not as stupid as I know I am. I know what I just said. But I am not. I know I messed up and hurt her a lot. She deserves much better. Maybe she will be better off without me. I don’t think so…. but at least she wouldn’t have to put up with me. I bring too much hurt and pain. I make decisions and I live with the consequences. I’ll have to understand that and live with these ones.

But that hit me just now but that’s not why I starting writing this post. On my hall of about 800 students… only 3 of us are in my department, a guy and a girl and I. The girl told me today that we aren’t even friends cause we haven’t hung out or anything that she considers that friends do. Even though that we walk to and from class together and talk. *shrug*.

Well this morning after hanging last week Wednesday and a couple times since then… we apparently are now friends today May 7th, 2017. LOOOL. It’s quite hilarious too. Turns out she’s a lot different that what I thought she was. She’s crazy. CRAZY! lol lol So she was right…. we really weren’t friends cause I knew nothing about her and vice versa. But hey… we friends now… I mentioned this cause we have known each other for 2 years and been in the same classes for the same period and living on the same hall and we knew very little.

Well the year is soon over…. soon time to fly back home. I was. I am. I was. I’m not sure… I AM looking forward to going back home. This year has been extremely eventful.

I need a break. We all need a break.



It’ll all be worth it in the end. right?

Back to studying for me… maybe tomorrow will be brighter… if it isn’t… it’ll be one day closer to that trip to the airport by the grace of God.




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I sat in a room  alone
And the silence  was deafening
So deafening even my swallowing
Seemed to echo and I thought….

I thought  about the rapture
More so the moment right after
How many would find themselves
Like I was now, alone…

I thought  about  the chaos
The fear that would engulf that person
And my heartbeat increased, my
Breathing as well and I felt very faint…

I thought some more trying to regulate
My heart rate and breathing to normality
But this was an overwhelming 
And equally  unnerving  thought…

I thought about all those I engaged
With on a daily basis, knowing they
Would be left behind, yet I do not
Drive home the need for Jesus….

I thought about what they’d think of me
Gone to a blissful eternity and left them
To spend eternity in hell all because
I didn’t take time or think they would listen…

I thought about how selfish that is

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Peace of Mind

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On the beach.
I sip my juice.
I quench my thirst,
But I’m empty.
Empty schedule,
And free time.
I’m lost for words,
And lost for time.           
What time is it?
Whole day I spend laying;
Down on the sand.                    
My drink in my hand.
I listen.
I hear no one.
It is quite calm.
I hear the palm            
Trees line the beach.  
I see the birds go.
My sanity goes too.
My mind is at peace.
My drink drops.
The glass breaks.
My mind joins the glass.
All that is left is pieces.
Pieces of the glass.
Pieces of my mind.
My mind.
All mine.
What was left, was,
Piece of mine.

Step 1

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Forgive me for who I am.

Cherry Benzene's blog

I slipped into the bench
I wondered what the first time would be like
I wondered if I was actually ready
I knew this moment was long over due
Questioning myself was what held me back for so long
As I got my thoughts together, he began to speak to the entire class
It was only four of us but the room felt full to capacity
Our eyes met and he went silent.
A little startled, I wondered if he saw my past in my eyes.
Did he see my fear, my pain, my anger?
Did he see who I really was?
He interrupted my mental conversation by saying:
‘We do what we do because of who we are.
We sin because we are sinners
We lie because we are liars
We murder because we are murderers.’
And with that my noisy mind settled.
A sudden peace fell over me.

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Must read.


I’ve read a lot of things about beliefs and religions, even cults and sects but of mine that falls under the most confused umbrella of Christianity, do I really know what I believe?

I recently read a piece so beautifully and skillfully written that I had to read it twice to ensure the side I decided the writer was on. Why is it that the other religions are so sure and persuaded of themselves they would strap a bomb to their chest and die for the very cause or sell their soul? Yet we who are part and parcel of the one true God, the one somewhat true religion are so cowardice when defending our faith? I dared say somewhat because this religion called Christianity started when those looking on saw us to be such replicas of Christ Himself that they dubbed us Christians (Acts 11:26) but now as the…

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My Sister’s Rabbit- Rabbi

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