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I’m worrying a lot less about a lot of the things in my life and trusting in God. I’m not going to lie; my first instinct in most cases is to take on the issues and complain and fret. That only leaves me miserable and burdened. Now I’m trying to let things go, it does feel good. There’s no greater feeling than knowing that the Lord is in control of your life and taking care of everything.

I know I have to, and I’m getting, slowly but surely, closer to fully surrendering it all to Him.

It’s only when I can surrender it all that all my trust will be in Him.

This journey, I was told and I knew, was going to be a difficult one and it is tuning out to be just that. As each day passes, I read my bible, pray and ask for temperance to get me closer to the Kingdom of God.

I read my friend’s blog today and she posted exactly what I needed to hear.

She had a beautiful piece in her blog about friendships. Funny thing is, I almost didn’t read it because I saw that it was long and I will admit that I don’t like reading. But thank God that I read it anyways.

Here’s the link to her blog. Don’t be turned away by the length.

I’ve got to take note of the relationships I hold now and make sure I make and effort to be a friend. To have a friend, one must first be a friend.

I’ve always believed that all relationships we have are based on communication. Communication WILL either break or create relationships.

We have to work on making sure we do what we can to be a friend to all.

Communication being important in relationships emphasizes why prayer is so important in our walk with God. We need to talk to Him and stay connected so the relationship doesn’t drift apart.

I pray now that who ever reads this may take something away from this, just like I took away from my friend’s post.


Today, I say thanks for strength.

When we are tired and feel like we can go no further, God is there to give us that strength to carry on. When we are on our feet all day and feel as though we can stand no longer, He is there to provide that strength to stand firm. When we walking on the journey with Him and things get difficult and we want to give up, He gives us the strength to continue.

Why does He do this? It’s because He loves us all.

My Prayer

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Life Stories
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Dear Heavenly Father,
You are king above all.
When I’m in need,
It’s You, I can always call.

I bow before You,
As Your humble servant.
I pray for Your guidance
For me to be what You want.

I ask for Your forgiveness,
For the wrong that I’ve done.
You are merciful and forgiving.
You sent Your only begotten son.

Thank You for Your Blessings,
On us each and every day.
You provide for us abundantly;
Always making a way.

I pray You touch my family,
And all my friends the same.
Remind us You’re most powerful,
None greater than Your name.

Dear gracious Father, I love you.
Your love is like no other.
Teach me to daily trust You
And to you, my heart surrender.

All these things I ask of you,
My king and my friend.
This is my sincere prayer,
Through Jesus Christ, Amen.


When I was cooking, I opened the saucepan and I saw these little droplets on the inside of the cover. I had to grab my phone to take a picture. Simple yet beautiful.


Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for waking us up to see another beautiful day that You have brought before us. I pray that You will take us about our way and guide and watch over us today. I pray that You will continually guide our thoughts, words, and deeds. I pray that You may forgive us because we have sinned. I pray too that we will continue to remember You throughout everything, and put You first. We are sorry for all the wrong we’ve done and we thank You for Your daily and continual blessings. There is none like You. I pray too that You place Your hands on us all and heal our bodies. Bless and protect too our families and friends. Dear Lord I ask You to teach us temperance. We need to know when enough is enough. Dear Heavenly Father I ask that You give us the strength to surrender it all to You. You can do all things. All these things I ask, through Jesus Christ, Your son, Amen.

Good morning.

This is the prayer I prayed this morning.

The piece in the picture above hangs in my living room at home. My family used to pray together but now that is something I have to start again because it has been too long that we have prayed as a family unit.

As the top of it says; “prayer changes things”, that’s what I will continue to do until my family can come to know Lord once again and seek Him at all times. He is always willing and able.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: (Matthew 7:7 KJV)

This has to be one of my favorite verses. I believe what ever we ask of the Lord, He shall provide. It may not be in our time, but He knows when it is time.

The Lord always provides a way. Sometimes it may seem as though He hasn’t done anything but the responsibility is at us to follow the path He has made for us. Because He has given us choice, He doesn’t force us to do anything. He only asks that we trust in Him and obey.

That’s what I intend on doing. The devil will try to lead me astray, but with God on my side I know that I can overcome anything the devil may throw at me. The Lord never gives us more than we can bear.

Two days ago, I started praying with my girlfriend and I want to start the same with my friends and family.

Over the pass two days, I’ve been faced with some challenges and I’m still allowing the flesh to get the better of me. I’m praying each day for temperance so that I may hold strain.

I know that what I have to do is fully surrender myself to God. Once I do that He can reign supreme in my heart.

Each day as I read the bible, I pray for understanding and wisdom that I may truly understand God’s word.

I pray too for all of you, regardless of where you are on your walk with Him. He promises to never leave us or forsake us.

Remember there is power in prayer.

Have a blessed and a wonderful day and remember to put God first and foremost.

Today, I say thanks for the rain.

This morning I didn’t wake up to any falling like it was yesterday, but there was a clear tell of a day full of rain yesterday.

Rain, although it may hinder us from doing stuff, it is needed by us all; humans, plants, animals and the earth alike.

Rain gives us that sometimes needed escape from the sun’s heat and gives us the cool we like.

Water is an important element in all of our lives and it keeps everything fresh.

Even the smell of the plants and flowers after the rain brings an enhanced freshness.

I like to think of the rain as showers of blessings. 🙂

That said, for that blessing, again I say thanks.

In The Reverse

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Poems
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“Can I have?”
A line we often rehearse.
But very seldom
We ask it in the reverse.

Being lazy is easy
Before long, it gets worse
Don’t sit around and do nothing
Do that in the reverse.

So many different people
In a world so diverse
We like to hate and discriminate
Do that too, in the reverse.

I’ve done this in the reverse
The last line shall be the first
Take a look at this last verse
First shall be last, and so too the inverse.