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I sat in a room  alone
And the silence  was deafening
So deafening even my swallowing
Seemed to echo and I thought….

I thought  about the rapture
More so the moment right after
How many would find themselves
Like I was now, alone…

I thought  about  the chaos
The fear that would engulf that person
And my heartbeat increased, my
Breathing as well and I felt very faint…

I thought some more trying to regulate
My heart rate and breathing to normality
But this was an overwhelming 
And equally  unnerving  thought…

I thought about all those I engaged
With on a daily basis, knowing they
Would be left behind, yet I do not
Drive home the need for Jesus….

I thought about what they’d think of me
Gone to a blissful eternity and left them
To spend eternity in hell all because
I didn’t take time or think they would listen…

I thought about how selfish that is

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