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Coming on to the end of my 2nd year at school here in Jamaica and just when I thought this year couldn’t throw any more curve balls. Imagine that I only have about 2 weeks left here before I go home…. then out of no where… in comes a fast, twisting ball. LOL. Why did I just laugh? sigh. I guess it’s either I laugh or cry. You know that feeling when things happen and you are there watching as they unfold and you are thinking to yourself that this can’t be the case? LOL That’s me right now lol.

It’s like a movie.

Ever wished you could turn back the hands of time? hmmm. That would be welcomed right about now. 2 years later and I can only manage to hurt the only person I love. Never got it right then. I am not as stupid as I know I am. I know what I just said. But I am not. I know I messed up and hurt her a lot. She deserves much better. Maybe she will be better off without me. I don’t think so…. but at least she wouldn’t have to put up with me. I bring too much hurt and pain. I make decisions and I live with the consequences. I’ll have to understand that and live with these ones.

But that hit me just now but that’s not why I starting writing this post. On my hall of about 800 students… only 3 of us are in my department, a guy and a girl and I. The girl told me today that we aren’t even friends cause we haven’t hung out or anything that she considers that friends do. Even though that we walk to and from class together and talk. *shrug*.

Well this morning after hanging last week Wednesday and a couple times since then… we apparently are now friends today May 7th, 2017. LOOOL. It’s quite hilarious too. Turns out she’s a lot different that what I thought she was. She’s crazy. CRAZY! lol lol So she was right…. we really weren’t friends cause I knew nothing about her and vice versa. But hey… we friends now… I mentioned this cause we have known each other for 2 years and been in the same classes for the same period and living on the same hall and we knew very little.

Well the year is soon over…. soon time to fly back home. I was. I am. I was. I’m not sure… I AM looking forward to going back home. This year has been extremely eventful.

I need a break. We all need a break.



It’ll all be worth it in the end. right?

Back to studying for me… maybe tomorrow will be brighter… if it isn’t… it’ll be one day closer to that trip to the airport by the grace of God.




To me, a best friend is special;

That someone to share and confide.

Who is there through thick and thin,

And gets excited and joins you for the ride.

Loyalty and trust are definitely key

With truth and honesty leading the front

Knowing when to give a hand; or a shoulder to lean on

And when to sugar coat or be painfully blunt

Many of us stumble into our new-found friends

While some, like me, somehow they find us.

Regardless of how, we know why they’re still here

With love, the bonds formed hold strong, as they must

A friendship, no doubt,

One should care and nourish.

In time it will flourish,

Love is beautiful;



I’m worrying a lot less about a lot of the things in my life and trusting in God. I’m not going to lie; my first instinct in most cases is to take on the issues and complain and fret. That only leaves me miserable and burdened. Now I’m trying to let things go, it does feel good. There’s no greater feeling than knowing that the Lord is in control of your life and taking care of everything.

I know I have to, and I’m getting, slowly but surely, closer to fully surrendering it all to Him.

It’s only when I can surrender it all that all my trust will be in Him.

This journey, I was told and I knew, was going to be a difficult one and it is tuning out to be just that. As each day passes, I read my bible, pray and ask for temperance to get me closer to the Kingdom of God.

I read my friend’s blog today and she posted exactly what I needed to hear.

She had a beautiful piece in her blog about friendships. Funny thing is, I almost didn’t read it because I saw that it was long and I will admit that I don’t like reading. But thank God that I read it anyways.

Here’s the link to her blog. Don’t be turned away by the length.

I’ve got to take note of the relationships I hold now and make sure I make and effort to be a friend. To have a friend, one must first be a friend.

I’ve always believed that all relationships we have are based on communication. Communication WILL either break or create relationships.

We have to work on making sure we do what we can to be a friend to all.

Communication being important in relationships emphasizes why prayer is so important in our walk with God. We need to talk to Him and stay connected so the relationship doesn’t drift apart.

I pray now that who ever reads this may take something away from this, just like I took away from my friend’s post.


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As I stared into your eyes
And you back into mine
Nothing else really mattered
Everything froze in time

The feel of your touch
In my hands was like wow
Your hands were so soft
I can feel them even now

You leaned in and whispered
Told me everything was okay
As your voice caressed my ear
I knew you’re here to stay

We pulled away slightly
I paused, to admire your beauty
There was this look on your face
I could see you were happy

We leaned in once again
I rested my forehead on yours
Your cold nose brushed mine
That moment was surely ours

I wrapped my arms around you
Placed my hands on your hips
Finally, eyes closed and we kissed
It was unity. Unity of the lips

What I want

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I want your hand to hold

The warmth of your touch

Holding hands may be simple

Simple is romantic, and so is such


I want to put a smile on your face

A smile only true happiness can bring

I want to make you giggle and laugh

At me. With me. At absolutely nothing


I want to keep that smile on your face

When you’re sad, upset or down

I want to look into your eyes

Kiss those lips, and invert that frown


I want to stare and admire your beauty

Your body? Yes! But not only.

The ‘you’ you are when you are with me

There’s a lot more to you, and I want to see


I want to lay next to you outside

Dazing into the sky; at clouds or at stars

No words have to be shared at all

That time will be special. It would be ours.


I want to know that you are mine

If only there was even a slight chance

Not only would you be happy, but so would I

Maybe in the future? If only I could get a glance.


Am I asking for too much?

Wouldn’t any guy want these things too?

What I want is simple

I… Want… You.

My Perfect Love Mix

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What you need:
1 male
1 female
1 friendship
1 bowl

Good communication

NB: If this recipe is not followed correctly and to the end, the result will not be a good one.

The perfect love mix is actually very simple. What you need, and the only way this recipe will work successfully, is if the two individuals are willing to start the process and to continue to the very end. That’s the first thing we need, commitment.

1. Take the friendship and put it in the bowl and add all the trust both people can muster up, which will allow for a good foundation. In addition, the only way to have the trust set properly in the friendship is to knead in good communication.
2. Heat the mixture up a little with intimacy and let it simmer.
3. A few cups of patience added will go a long way in coping with and avoiding any unnecessary mishaps.
If the patience isn’t enough, or even just to be on the safe side, be sure to stir in some understanding.
4. At this point the mix should be nutritious as it is and be at the right consistency, all that’s left is to add some flavour. Why flavour? You need the flavour because regardless of how good something is, looks, feels and smells, we are only going to enjoy it if it tastes good. Romance works as a great sweetener and despite it is sweet it is still healthy and even diabetics are advised to use this and not to replace with any artificial sweeteners.
5. Now that that’s done, this mix should be enough to serve a lifetime and it is best serve with some spontaneity to spice it up. However, if you find that the mix is running low, be sure to top up all the ingredients.

This love mix should NOT be consumed alone. They say a joy shared is a joy doubled so be sure to double up that joy. It serves two, so that special someone who took the time to create the masterpiece with you should be the one who enjoys the fruits of their labour.

The final result, I call it “Happiness” and that is my perfect love mix. After all, it’s one in the same.


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Can you please tell me why?
Why do you put up with me?
Why do you let me treat you this way?
Why do you allow me to hurt you?
Why don’t you ever fight back?
Why do you believe my lies?
Why are you always by my side?
Why are you still here?

I’ll tell you why.
I put up with you because no one else will.
I let you treat me this way so you can get your frustrations out.
I allow you to hurt me so you don’t hurt yourself.
I don’t ever fight back because fighting will never solve anything.
I believe your lies because I trust you.
I’m always by your side so you’ll have a hand to hold when you’re scared or alone.
So if you want to know why,
It’s because I’m your friend.