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So I haven’t posted anything for a while now. I don’t want to take credit for that but I will. Procrastination ain’t ever cute eh. 

So what’s new? Wellllllll…. I did alot of thinking yesterday and I have a business idea. Like no joke. I have to put it in writing and give it a deadline… if not it’ll just be a dream. I dream enough at night and I’m not getting any younger. So I have to go after these things now that I am still here and able. I can’t share the idea with you guys now… for obvious reasons lol lol. But stay tuned.

Recently I’ve been thinking about family and kids a lot. Not sure why. But I ready to have my family… a beautiful wife and about 3 kids. I love kids and they are so amazing. I used to think that the world is in such a state and it doesn’t make sense bringing kids into it… But hey…. if God will have it for me to have a family and kids… He’ll give me all that I need to provide and ensure they get all they require and equip me to be able to protect them. Not physically but ye. Well not necessarily physical.

I’m a photographer and I’ll be soooooo sorry for those kids…. kids are the best subjects to shoot. Babies are amazing and they don’t have a clue what’s happening lol lol… Well at least I don’t think they know lol. I love kids. I really do. 

And my wife to be… somewhere out there… I know you will be beautiful and amazing. You’ll have to put up with me and the camera too. I’m sorry. And we have some traveling to do.

I’d love to do a Eurotrip for my 30th or for my honeymoon… although I could do a Caribbean or Canadian honeymoon. Who knows. 

I have a lot of amazing people in my life that some times I think that they are far better to me than I could ever be to them. I’m going to be better. Not for you but for me… and therefore being better for everyone. Hope that makes sense.

Well anyways… I just rambled there… lunch is over so that’s enough from me for now.

Likle mo. 
PS. That’s just a random photo lol lol I’d love to be at the beach now.

Entry: May 31st, 2017

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One person somewhere behind me starts clapping and then everyone joins in. I was just about to too. Then it hit me… “Amen”.

Well I haven’t been up to use the restroom the entire time. I think I may have to go now. But can’t move yet. 

Well I got in trouble, rightly so I might add. When she tells me what she has to, I know it’s for my own gone and she wants the best for me. She wants me to be the best I can be. That is understood. And yes she doesn’t want me to make any bad decisions.

June 1st: 2:45pm

So I’m here on the couch watching tv and I know there are some stuff I have to deal with but I keep finding everything and nothing to do. When will I learn? Well hopefully I’ll get to it before the night is through. 

Outside is chilly. First time I’ve experienced cold breezes during ‘summer’. This will be nice. 

I’m going to come back to this later. I’m supposed to be stepping out.