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To me, a best friend is special;

That someone to share and confide.

Who is there through thick and thin,

And gets excited and joins you for the ride.

Loyalty and trust are definitely key

With truth and honesty leading the front

Knowing when to give a hand; or a shoulder to lean on

And when to sugar coat or be painfully blunt

Many of us stumble into our new-found friends

While some, like me, somehow they find us.

Regardless of how, we know why they’re still here

With love, the bonds formed hold strong, as they must

A friendship, no doubt,

One should care and nourish.

In time it will flourish,

Love is beautiful;







For you, there’s not much to say about this photo besides the obvious; it’s just a bird perch on a limb of a tree.

However, funny enough, this photo means a lot more to me. I was on a picnic with my best-friend and we were laying on the field looking up at the clouds and chatting. Then, this little bird came and landed on that branch to the side of our view and my camera was zipped up in my camera bag across from me. So I had to rush over to the bag, get out the camera and turn it on, all a in smooth steady motion so as not to scare away the bird. Finally got it out, focused and snapped my shot.

Literally as soon as my camera’s shutter opened and closed, I took the camera from my face and the bird was gone.