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I just saw this on youtube and I knew I just HAD to share this.




As nature sings to me
Canceling all noise
I sit alone at the beach
With my weapon of choice.


Late night
Heading home
On the metro
I sit alone.


I love silhouettes. I’m not sure how many of you can appreciate them. There’s nothing more beautiful, plus considering it’s a silhouette of a female. Here she is dancing and I caught her as the sun was setting in the background.


You Knew.

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I knew the fun.
I knew the game.
I knew the rules.
I knew the aim.
I knew the cost.
I knew the prize.
I knew the loss.
I knew the size.
I knew the drop.
I knew the climb.
I knew the place.
I knew the time.
I knew it all.
I knew the truth.
I knew too much.
You knew too.

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I’m inspired.


Well I’ve been thinking a while now, as to how to write this memorable #200, it’s def a milestone I wasn’t sure how it’d be like when I reached it. Today was epic in that it ended a period in my life, I’m not entirely sure how it’s going from here but that’s where faith steps in and I’m embarking on that. I probably won’t have any entries for the next 3 days or so unless something happens (which I’m praying is pretty awesome and not the opposite), so my next entry will me another mini series, whose title I’m still in the process of deciding on.

I got up around 6:45 so my mother wouldn’t leave me and drove down to  town where my mother and I switched seats as she drove off and I headed to collect my ticket. Thankfully by the time I got there, it was…

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Now this post definitely needs a reblog!! 🙂


I have learnt in my 20 years thus far on earth that whatever you do, how trivial it may seem or how important, make it count, I think I even have a blog entitled such. I’ve seen people I thought were perfect for each other divorce, I’ve known people I looked up to fail, persons I thought were strong die and those who I took for granted become admitted. This life we have is often far from perfect and therefore it is important that we make each moment count, take time to smell the roses, I mean I have made myself soooooo busy lately that only last night when I took a moment and looked up at the stars, did I realise how much I was missing out on; I used to ensure I watched every sunset each evening because they each hold unique and new beauty, none ever repeated…

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