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Peace of Mind

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

On the beach.
I sip my juice.
I quench my thirst,
But I’m empty.
Empty schedule,
And free time.
I’m lost for words,
And lost for time.           
What time is it?
Whole day I spend laying;
Down on the sand.                    
My drink in my hand.
I listen.
I hear no one.
It is quite calm.
I hear the palm            
Trees line the beach.  
I see the birds go.
My sanity goes too.
My mind is at peace.
My drink drops.
The glass breaks.
My mind joins the glass.
All that is left is pieces.
Pieces of the glass.
Pieces of my mind.
My mind.
All mine.
What was left, was,
Piece of mine.