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Through Him. We Are. Forever.

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Life Stories, Poems
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Let Him be in charge of your life
He will guide your every step
God knows what’s best for you
All these years, you, He has kept

Let love reign supreme in your heart
The perfect love that comes from God
Which is able to cast out all fear
That’ll go where ever in life you trod

Let us share, encourage and support
Love and care through thick and thin
Both for each other and others we meet
In all we do; we must trust in Him

Let me, now, take a moment to say
God has indeed blessed me in a special way
I’ve learnt so much and how I’ve grown
That’s a price I can never totally repay

Let His way be ours from here on out
Let us listen to Him and He’ll lead the way
I’m claiming His promises and looking to Him
My prayer is that by my side is where you’ll stay.