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Dear Merciful God,

I desire to burn

You are a consuming fire

It’s for You I yearn


An earthly world full of chaos

Without You I know I’m doomed

Shield me with Your love

I desire to not be consumed


I come to You in Jesus’s name

As I come holding His hand

If I can but burn forever

In your presence I could stand


Nothing on earth matters

If my soul I throw away

So make me fireproof this day

So with You, I can always stay





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On My Soap Box: Something to think about

I worked for just over 36 years and enjoyed everyday but my last 10 months.  There were some aspects of my job that I enjoyed more than others and that gave me the impetus to forge ahead. I kept a photo of my two sweethearts on my desk and when things got rough I would hold that photo and quietly say ‘this is for you’.  My kids helped keep me sane. As the date of my retirement drew nigh I would sit at my desk and wonder how I was going to live without the excitement of those particular aspects. After working 36 plus years one would think that the bell couldn’t ring soon enough to be rid of meetings, deadlines, conflicting priorities and cantankerous bosses.

I was down to T -7 on my countdown to freedom when by a twist of fate my time got extended by three days. …

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