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Alone in a crowded room she stood.
She stood up.
She stood out.
She stood firm.
With a broad smile dashed across her face;
She just stood.
I looked at her and I pondered;
Moments passed and I just wondered,
Why was she glowing the way she was?
What made her so elated?
It almost seemed as though she won… something.
Something was causing her to burst with happiness.
It was all over her face.
Clearly originating from a place…
Deep inside of her.
There she was standing.
I was barely comprehending;
All those around her blurred;
My focus was on her…
For as long as my attention could span.
But just before I was lost,
She opened her mouth
And she spoke.
She said

“I am happy”

I laughed to myself;
I already knew this.
But why are you happy?

“I met a man!
Not just any man.
I met Jesus;
And He died for me.
He loved me before I knew myself.
He loved me when I was lost in the world.
Now I stand,
Declaring to all here
That I stand because I have chosen
To follow My Jesus.”

Then I understood.
So then I too stood.
It was no longer just her
But now two;
Alone in a crowded room.



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I sat in a room  alone
And the silence  was deafening
So deafening even my swallowing
Seemed to echo and I thought….

I thought  about the rapture
More so the moment right after
How many would find themselves
Like I was now, alone…

I thought  about  the chaos
The fear that would engulf that person
And my heartbeat increased, my
Breathing as well and I felt very faint…

I thought some more trying to regulate
My heart rate and breathing to normality
But this was an overwhelming 
And equally  unnerving  thought…

I thought about all those I engaged
With on a daily basis, knowing they
Would be left behind, yet I do not
Drive home the need for Jesus….

I thought about what they’d think of me
Gone to a blissful eternity and left them
To spend eternity in hell all because
I didn’t take time or think they would listen…

I thought about how selfish that is

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