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We had a photoshoot last Sunday at the rusty Buckley’s Sugar Factory in Barbados. We shot some dresses from one of Barbados’ top designers, Alexis Campbell. And afterwards, we and the models, had some fun shooting in some clothes we put together for a fun shoot.

This is just a teaser into what happened behind the scenes.


Thanks to:



Alexis Campbell- (dresses)



Amery Butcher

Jabarrio Holligan


MUA and Artistic Director

Toni Dyall



Ayana Charles

Chenice Fenty

Janine Hinkson

Kyra Allain

Sherice Walkes-Hayde


Special Thanks to Barbados Agricultural Management Company for their cooperation in allowing us to shoot on location at the factory.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever.”

Those words you said to me.

Seemed like I finally made a difference.

Not only everyone; but now you could see.


My efforts were paying off it seemed.

My plan was only to make you happy.

Reminding you of how special you are,

And how much you meant to me.


I tried too hard to please,

Not realizing the price I had to pay.

In trying to be what you wanted,

I lost myself along the way.


It’s only love that hurts like this;

At the thought of losing you.

The hardest question I had to ask,

Was “could I see this through?”


I was able and I was willing,

But it wasn’t for me alone.

You had to decide what you wanted.

An answer you hadn’t known.


The night before it was over,

You made the choice for me;

Not with words but in action,

You had given up on me.



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