Disclaimer: Apologies for the dialect used throughout this as this was a challenge I gave myself.

I posted and asked persons to send me a single word to be used for a poem challenge and I took the first 3 words and those words were; tired, Covid and food. And then I asked for someone to give me a title without seeing the poem. I gave myself 15 mins to write it. Here it is…

Mi did wake up this morning

And it did barely before noon

Had to hop up outta sleep

Mi gaw cook! It did lunch time soon

My body did tell mi “no!”

Mi is to stand in my bed

Body bawl out that it tired

But a different sumn in mi head

Lock up every day in this room

Mi daily unstable, cause of my mood

And all my belly can think bout

Is wa next to eat. It want food

So I get outta bed to go cook

Mi seh da hunger nah kid

Not like mi can go any where else

Indefinitely locked up, thanks to Covid

We’ve got vast amounts of knowledge

And that’s half the job done

But what about the application

When has that begun?

We know more now, than ever

Yet we manage to do far less

Maybe we should return to old times

Time to fix this paradox of progress

We’re all guilty of this tragedy

Where our brains aren’t tasked to think

Daily we turn to our gadgets

While creativity lies on the brink

The ‘thinkers’ here envision ideas

While most of us feed off those

So our intelligence slowly dwindles

Sadly, that’s the life we chose

So shall we return to yesteryear?

When with pen and paper we took notes?

Even our problems were much simpler

What says you? Let’s cast our votes.

Even If

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Even if I’m really lonely

In my corner all alone

Maybe I just need the time

For all my talents to hone

Even if I fall sometimes

I just need to stand again

Persistence and confidence

Can take me to that win

Even if life seems very hard

When struggles keep me down

I can always keep a smile on my face

There’s not a place for a frown

Even if I find no one

To have and to hold

That’s not ever a reason

For my cards to fold

Even if I have lost it all

My Jesus is here to stay

So I’m trusting on His every word

With Him I’ll always be okay

One epic summer-long fantasy

An end of which you knew

With you, I spent every lasting moment

Wishing I had one more with you


More than any age or number

The love for you I shared

I loved the affection you gave me

And the things that showed you cared


With time just running down on us

Before I had to leave again

I hoped we would be a forever thing

A dream I had in vain


You knew it was the last time

If I had just but a clue

All those mesmerizing kisses

I would have had one more with you



So what this is… it’s actually a poem challenge that I do with a friend of mine. We are trying to do this as a weekly thing. Was to be posted yesterday but of course I was late. Here’s the link to my friend’s poem. Enjoy 😛

Journeying along life’s unexpecting road

Challenges plague me and leads me to wander

but, in the midst of my trials

I remember, through Him, I’m more than a conqueror


Greed, lust, lies and selfish desires

The flesh directs my heart warward

but, in the midst of my temptations

I remember my strength is in the Lord


Disappointment and failure, a constant reminder

Murphy challenges even my best laid plans

but, in the midst of my shortcomings

I remember I can hold onto His hands


When nothing around me makes any sense

To the questions of life, I’m only drawing blanks

but, in the midst of it all

I remember I must give God all the thanks


Dear Merciful God,

I desire to burn

You are a consuming fire

It’s for You I yearn


An earthly world full of chaos

Without You I know I’m doomed

Shield me with Your love

I desire to not be consumed


I come to You in Jesus’s name

As I come holding His hand

If I can but burn forever

In your presence I could stand


Nothing on earth matters

If my soul I throw away

So make me fireproof this day

So with You, I can always stay




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On My Soap Box: Something to think about

I worked for just over 36 years and enjoyed everyday but my last 10 months.  There were some aspects of my job that I enjoyed more than others and that gave me the impetus to forge ahead. I kept a photo of my two sweethearts on my desk and when things got rough I would hold that photo and quietly say ‘this is for you’.  My kids helped keep me sane. As the date of my retirement drew nigh I would sit at my desk and wonder how I was going to live without the excitement of those particular aspects. After working 36 plus years one would think that the bell couldn’t ring soon enough to be rid of meetings, deadlines, conflicting priorities and cantankerous bosses.

I was down to T -7 on my countdown to freedom when by a twist of fate my time got extended by three days. …

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