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Dear Merciful God,

I desire to burn

You are a consuming fire

It’s for You I yearn


An earthly world full of chaos

Without You I know I’m doomed

Shield me with Your love

I desire to not be consumed


I come to You in Jesus’s name

As I come holding His hand

If I can but burn forever

In your presence I could stand


Nothing on earth matters

If my soul I throw away

So make me fireproof this day

So with You, I can always stay




A clean leaf

A new start

A second chance

A familiar heart


I’ve caused hurt

I’ve done wrong

I’ll try my best

To turn around


I’ll share my time

I’ll hold you tight

Keep you close

‘Cause this feels right


Cheers to love

And happy endings

There’s always hope

In new beginnings



You no longer say anything

Or rather any thing of sense

You just talk and talk and talk

Maybe it’s about time you stop talking,

Put down the phone and get to walking.

1st step is easy.

Just shut up!

No longer accepting calls

No longer need my fill of you

I’ve had enough

I’m full

You’re full too

But you are full of nothing

And full of you

Get out of yourself

I’m sure you are sick of you too.

I’m sick of you

So sick of you.

Please shut up.

Just hang up!

Hang up the phone I said

Hang up the lies you tell

Hang up the masks you wear

Hang up the pain from hell

Swallow your pride

Keep it down.

Keep the phone on the hook.

No longer seek my dial tone.

Don’t do it again.

Forget my number.

Forget me.

So for the last time,

Please just leave.

Hang UP!

I Love You

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Life Stories, Poems
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What is luck

When I have Jesus?

Who sends His blessings

Like constant breezes.


Imagine I found you

Though I wasn’t quite looking

I searched for as much

As I’ve seen you cooking


He brought you here

And He’ll keep us together

He is indeed able

There’s none other


I have faith in us

Because I have faith in Him

Fill me up Lord

Up to the brim


Six months have passed

A lifetime ahead

Standing on Him

We’d be in good stead


It was your beauty

That first caught my eye

That’s how He pointed me

To you! oh my! oh my!


You grew on me

And the love grew too

We’ll grow together in Christ

I love you.






Finding The Words

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Poems
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I’ve been meaning to share;
It has been far too long.
I kept telling myself I’ll find them,
But the words can’t be found.

Whenever the thoughts come,
The thought to write is nowhere near.
Then when I’m ready to write,
Not finding the words is what I fear.

Well, I really can find words;
But will those words fit?
Fit to, fit in, fit with, fit it?
Will it? Will it be the right fit?

Is too big really a fit?
Or is that just fit-tion?
The words I want aren’t loose;
They are fitted with precision.

I don’t desire just any words;
To be thrown around as you see fit.
The words I use are chosen,
And carefully placed where they sit.

So until I find those words I want,
I’ll just leave you with these few.
What ever it is you have to share,
Keep it honest, simple and true.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever.”

Those words you said to me.

Seemed like I finally made a difference.

Not only everyone; but now you could see.


My efforts were paying off it seemed.

My plan was only to make you happy.

Reminding you of how special you are,

And how much you meant to me.


I tried too hard to please,

Not realizing the price I had to pay.

In trying to be what you wanted,

I lost myself along the way.


It’s only love that hurts like this;

At the thought of losing you.

The hardest question I had to ask,

Was “could I see this through?”


I was able and I was willing,

But it wasn’t for me alone.

You had to decide what you wanted.

An answer you hadn’t known.


The night before it was over,

You made the choice for me;

Not with words but in action,

You had given up on me.



Can’t Be Love

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Poems
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Without trust
Not part of, but all of
What is this then?
This, can’t be love.

If we can’t forgive
That hate we aren’t free of
Will only burden us and
This, can’t be love.

With so much lust
So much to get rid of
If it stays the same
This, can’t be love.

Our God is awesome
The truth is what I speak of
And without Him in our lives
This, can’t be love.

When we give it up to God,
Our Father up above
Only then can we know
This now, has to be love.

So with a God so mighty
A God of pure love
You can never again say
This, can’t be love.