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Every dude wants to be some girl’s guy
Cherishing his queen, striving to make her happy
Bringing to reality that seen in a fairytale
THAT’S the chance you NEVER gave me

In a simple and sincere gesture
Where lips and tongue of two are paired
Only goal is to show affection
THAT’S the kiss we NEVER shared

They say you can’t kiss a girl unexpectedly
Should have done it when your head was in that book
That would’ve made an unforgettable memory
THAT’S the opportunity I NEVER took

I’ve always wanted you to be in my arms
Holding, embracing, supporting- I’d always try
I want to be there- for you, for me, for us
THAT’S the truth I’ll NEVER deny

Your smiles make me smile, happy, pissed, confused
With you my emotions show their true range
All that said, I still desire you because…
THAT’S you! Hope you’ll NEVER change

It’s true that we might always be just friends
But that may not be the case forever
There’s always that little bit of hope
THAT’S it! Nothing’s impossible!…