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Reference : Desire of Ages 190-192 [Chapter 19- At Jacob’s Well (part 3) – (John 4:1-42)]


After Jesus declared that He was the Messiah that she heard about and longed for, her faith grew. The Holy Spirit was preparing her to receive more light. The simple declaration that Jesus made to this woman, He couldn’t reveal to the Jews, but He saw that this woman would do great things with this light and draw many to Christ. It really goes to show that He reveals more light to whomever when He thinks the time is right. We can’t in ourselves obtain more light until He is ready for us to have it. Jesus rejoiced as the water of life sprung up in this woman and He rejoices when it springs up in all of us.

“He long with inexpressible desire that they should come to Him and have life.” [DA 191.2] Being spiritually filled, the woman went and left her water-pot and forgot about her physical thirst as she went back to the city to carry the message she received to others. “With heart overflowing with gladness, she hastened on her way, to impart to others the precious light she had received.” [DA 191.3] When we as Christians receive light, we are to be excited and ready to share it with everyone we know and all we come in to contact with just like this woman as she declared “Come see a man…”. She understood where she had to point toward to direct to the light; that man Christ.

Jesus shared with His disciples that the work to be done for the kingdom here on earth was divided in two parts; sowing and reaping. “Here Christ points out a scared service owed to God by those who receive the gospel. They are to be His living agencies. He requires their individual service. And whether we sow or reap, we are working for God.” [DA 192.1] Both the sower and the reapers have their roles to play and they both receive their wages and rejoice together. Good seed had been sown in the woman at the well and the harvest was received quickly. The woman and the people were eager to receive more light so they asked Jesus to stay a while with them and He did. It goes to show that some seed needs more for it to be ready for harvest as with the Pharisees as they demanded signs the He was sent of God. However, these people were more than eager to receive the light and needed no sign or miracle to spring up the fountain of life in them. This is a good point to remember as we go about doing God’s work.


Today, I say thanks for Jesus’ love.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13 KJV)

In this scripture verse, Jesus calls us his friends. He goes on to say in the next verse why He calls us His friends.

Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

What greater love can we imagine than that of someone who willingly gives up their life to save? Knowing that Jesus loves us so much, why is it that we forget to show that same very love to brothers and sisters, families and friends?

Jesus did command us to do just that.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. (John 15:12 KJV)

I pray that I may remember each day to do that. If Jesus loves us and we’ve sinned and hurt Him and The Father so much, why do we find it so hard not to love those who have hurt us?

Today, I say thanks for our children. The children are our future.

I pray that we nourish and train them them right. Their minds are young and very impressionable. Teach us how to be that firm foundation they need in their lives now that they may grow into good individuals. I pray you guide us too, that you will bring us to know You as our king that we may be in a better position to teach our children, from young, the laws of Your word.

I pray all of them be touched and blessed.

It’s our responsibility to know the truth and right from wrong so that we can teach them accordingly that they may know too.

Today, I say thanks for strength.

When we are tired and feel like we can go no further, God is there to give us that strength to carry on. When we are on our feet all day and feel as though we can stand no longer, He is there to provide that strength to stand firm. When we walking on the journey with Him and things get difficult and we want to give up, He gives us the strength to continue.

Why does He do this? It’s because He loves us all.

Today, I say thanks for the rain.

This morning I didn’t wake up to any falling like it was yesterday, but there was a clear tell of a day full of rain yesterday.

Rain, although it may hinder us from doing stuff, it is needed by us all; humans, plants, animals and the earth alike.

Rain gives us that sometimes needed escape from the sun’s heat and gives us the cool we like.

Water is an important element in all of our lives and it keeps everything fresh.

Even the smell of the plants and flowers after the rain brings an enhanced freshness.

I like to think of the rain as showers of blessings. 🙂

That said, for that blessing, again I say thanks.

Today, I say thanks for a roof over my head.

This morning the rain fell and it was a great joy to look outside as it rained and thank the Lord for protection and shelter from the elements.

Just like with the elements, we should be happy and glad that God is there to protect and keep us safe from the dangers out there.

God does not sleep. He watches over us at all times.

So again I say thanks.

Today, I say thanks for vision.

We sometimes take our vision for granted but it truly is a blessing to have sight to admire God’s creations.

From the small to the big, from the simple to the complex; God put them all here for us to enjoy.

I consider myself to be a person with a good appreciation of the simple beauties all around us. But even I miss things. That said, this evening self I saw this tree that I never noticed before but it is a tree that I know I’ve seen, just haven’t truly appreciated it. The tree was in full blown and it was breathtaking. I took a photo with my phone but it doesn’t show it’s true beauty but for me it was amazing.