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The Way In

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Poems
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I am trying to find my way.
I am looking for a way out.

Ever lasting life.
Ever wondered the way there?
Ever thought about it?
God did.
He thought about it for us.
He made a way for us.
He sent His son for us.
His son, our friend, our brother,
Christ Jesus.
Jesus declares “I am the way,
the truth, and the life”
What a truth.
He is the source of all life.
So follow Him.
Christ will lead the way.
The way in is simple.
Let ourselves out.
Out with selfishness.
Out with hatred.
Out with greed.
Out with pride.
Out with us,
Let Him in.
Emptying ourselves will leave room to be filled.
Jesus declares
“Bless are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness,
For they shall be filled.”
Fill us O God.
Fill us with Your love.
Fill us with You.


Today, I say thanks for the rain.

This morning I didn’t wake up to any falling like it was yesterday, but there was a clear tell of a day full of rain yesterday.

Rain, although it may hinder us from doing stuff, it is needed by us all; humans, plants, animals and the earth alike.

Rain gives us that sometimes needed escape from the sun’s heat and gives us the cool we like.

Water is an important element in all of our lives and it keeps everything fresh.

Even the smell of the plants and flowers after the rain brings an enhanced freshness.

I like to think of the rain as showers of blessings. 🙂

That said, for that blessing, again I say thanks.

Today, I say thanks for my friends.

Friends are just like family. The difference is, we choose our friends. So our friends are in our lives by choice; both on our end and theirs. And when I say “friend”, I mean it in its true sense of the word and not like how it is thrown around daily.

Family, either is or isn’t. Friends, the same holds true but the difference is choice. A friend chooses to be there for you to help you up when you fall. A friend chooses to be there to support you and to be that shoulder to lean on. A friend chooses to help.

So a friend is family, by choice.

Friends truly are a blessing. That’s why I am here thanking God for mine.

The greatest friend of all and the friend that should be our best friend is Jesus. He has already made His choice; that is, He has chosen to be our friend.

It’s now up to us to make Him our friend by choosing Him. I’ve already chosen Him. What about you?

Are you thankful for your friends?

(Well this is actually yesterday’s post but I fell asleep.)

Today, I say thanks for my family.

Just like everyone else, I didn’t get to choose the family I was born into but nonetheless my family is my family.

I love them regardless and they love me. Sometimes, when no one else believes in me, it’s my family who is there supporting me. Even when it seems like they aren’t there for me and they are against me, I can feel comfort in knowing that they love me. My family isn’t going to tell me what I want to hear, but rather they’ll tell me what I need to hear. Plus, my family isn’t going to sugarcoat anything for me. They aren’t going to gain anything from sugarcoating. Unlike friends, family doesn’t have to worry about losing you because of the truth, because family doesn’t change; if you are my family, you will always be my family.

I love my family. God has truly blessed me. For that, I want to say thanks.

A friend of mine started a post like this last night and it made me want to do the same. Why? Well because there’s so much we should be thankful for. So, like her, I want to share with you what I’m thankful for.

#1 goes without saying. Today I’m thankful for God.

He is the beginning and the end. It all started with Him.

We serve a wonderful, mighty, powerful and merciful God.

Nothing I had, have or will ever have would be possible without Our Father. He watches over us because He promised He will always be will us. I’m thankful for that too. I am happy and relieved to know that there’s nothing I need to worry myself with because He is always here to get me through everything.

As I write this post, just like my friend did, I’m challenging you to think about what you are truly thankful for.