My Father

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Life Stories, Poems

Is it fair for you to stare at me?

When somewhere in my mind I fear

That you are not clear as to who I am

And frankly, you do not care.

I do not swear, but I am almost certain

There are things you would change about me

You would tell me what to wear, if you could.

But as I sit here in this chair and type

I breathe a breath of fresh air

I pause

As you glare over at me

Wondering if you could spare me the look of disgust

I dare you to take a moment

Let me share, with you, a little about me

My Father and I; a pair like no other

Very rare I see His plans for my life

Many times I falter and He takes be back to square one

To start again with a clean slate

It is not just me, but they’re others

So here is my prayer that you will see

My Father will bear all for you

As He already has for me.




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