My Journal- Day 9

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Journal
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Reference : John 3:23-36; Desire of Ages 178-179 [Chapter 18- He Must Increase (part 1)]


John the Baptist understood his purpose in sharing the Gospel. John knew he was to prepare the people to receive Christ who was to come after him. He pointed everyone to Christ. John understood his mission; so when his disciples came with their grievances about taking away from his followers he told them “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Being a disciple maker for Christ, he rejoiced in the happiness of those who found Christ. We too, as we disciple for Christ, are to understand that we are merely to lead and point people to Christ.

“Those who are true to their calling as messengers for God will not seek honor for themselves. Love for self will be swallowed up in Love for Christ. No rivalry will mar the precious cause of the gospel. They will recognize that it is their work to proclaim, as did John the Baptist.” [DA 179.5]


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