My Journal- Day 6

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Journal
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Reference : John 3:1-22; Desire of Ages 167,168  [Chapter 17- Nicodemus (part 1)]

Nicodemus, though having a high status in the Jewish nation, was attracted to Jesus. The lessons that Jesus taught touched his heart and he desired to learn more. Nicodemus recognized that Jesus was moved by the Spirit of God. After receiving some truth from Jesus, Nicodemus was driven to find more and sought after it as he studied the Word of God. His conviction that Jesus was the One who was to come grew stronger as he searched. After hearing Jesus and seeing Him in action, Nicodemus was convicted of truth and grew a desire to get more truth; which led to his desire to meet Jesus.

That’s an awesome lesson for us as Christians; both as disciples and those being discipled. As Christians, after receiving some light/truth, we ought to search for more and seek after it. Which would lead us to seek the giver of that light. We should seek to meet Him. We should seek to know Him. All in order to receive more light; which leads us to be better disciples. As we live our lives, we ought to share that light we’ve received in all we do that others may have an opportunity to get a taste of the light. That would allow the Spirit to work on convicting them and leading them to seek more.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that as we study Your Word, we will be drawn closer to Jesus and that Your Spirit will grant us greater understanding as truth is revealed to us, through Jesus Christ, Amen.


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