My Journal- Day 3

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Journal
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Reference : Desire of Ages 156-158 [Chapter 16- In His Temple (part 2) – (John 2:13-25)]


“…wherever God manifests His presence, the place is holy.” The priests found themselves in a position where they were blinded by their own personal gain that they lost fact of what they were to be doing. They weren’t able to see the needs of the people and thus not being able to show sympathy or compassion for the people. Christ came to the temple and saw that all the things done in His temple were perverted and were no longer being done for the purpose they were first intended and thus missing what they were pointing to. He saw that Spiritual worship was fast disappearing. Christ was able to see how all that was happening in the temple will play out for His people in the future; where the rulers and priests “will turn the needy from their right, and forbid that the gospel shall be preached to the poor.” He also sees how the love of God will be hidden from sinners. As Christ would have stood there in the court of the temple and take everything in, His presence hushed the activity in the court and everyone stopped and acknowledged His presence. They all now felt/saw all the wrong they were doing as they felt His divinity searching them all. They felt as though they were being  judged. No one questioned His authority as He overthrew the tables. They all felt His presence. Christ’s presence was able to clear the temple of unholy traffic and brought solemnity to the temple. Christ’s presence is able to bring a calm, even in our lives as long as we allow Him to come in. We have to be weary of what we do with our bodies. We are to allow our temples to be pure so that they can be used to do God’s work.


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