When Truth Becomes A Stranger

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Life Stories, Poems
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The law was written
By God Himself
Who is just and fair
In all His glory and wealth

He opened our eyes
To see His glorious light
To see what is good
And all that is right

The law is able to show us
That nasty face of sin
And that the things we do
With sin, are filled to the brim

So knowing now we are but sinners
We see the need to be saved
And our loving Father; so loved us
For our sake, His son He gave

He desires all of us to love Him
And that His commandments we keep
As we journey on our way to heaven
He’ll be with us though the way be steep

But if we close our hearts to Him
We will surely be lost forever
Death will be the final price to pay
When truth becomes a stranger.


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