Finding The Words

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Poems
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I’ve been meaning to share;
It has been far too long.
I kept telling myself I’ll find them,
But the words can’t be found.

Whenever the thoughts come,
The thought to write is nowhere near.
Then when I’m ready to write,
Not finding the words is what I fear.

Well, I really can find words;
But will those words fit?
Fit to, fit in, fit with, fit it?
Will it? Will it be the right fit?

Is too big really a fit?
Or is that just fit-tion?
The words I want aren’t loose;
They are fitted with precision.

I don’t desire just any words;
To be thrown around as you see fit.
The words I use are chosen,
And carefully placed where they sit.

So until I find those words I want,
I’ll just leave you with these few.
What ever it is you have to share,
Keep it honest, simple and true.

  1. “Keep it honest simple and true”…. I love it!

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