“I Can’t Wait Till Summer”

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Life Stories
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That statement… “I can’t wait till summer”, can we all relate? Does this statement mean the same to everyone?

It only occurred to me this evening that the concept of ‘summer’, that ‘summer’ that you look forward to is only possible because of school.

For adults, summer is merely a season; that time of year when it’s hot and the days are longest. However, that isn’t what young people refer to when they say “I can’t wait till summer.” Sure for them they enjoy the long days and warmer/nicer weather. However, for students, summer is much more. Summer is freedom from ‘that dreaded place’, school. Summer is fun because school is a drag. Summer is everything exciting because school is everything but. Summer is the best part of the year for many. Summer is all that and more. That’s what summer is for students.

Funny enough, a lot of those students who love ‘summer’ so much and look forward to it every year, are the ones who hate school. They complain about school every chance they get. Can anyone define irony for me? Because the very thing they hate, is the only reason the they have what they love.

Here’s it in a nut shell, without ‘school’, the concept of ‘summer’ does not exist.

After one leaves school, that statement you hear, “I can’t wait till summer” means nothing. That statement becomes a memory.

Teachers get to enjoy ‘summer’ but technically they’re still at ‘school’, so they don’t count.

When I hear everyone talk about ‘summer’, I just sit and think to myself that I remember what ‘summer’ was.

It’s no longer the same for me. What I look forward to now, are those 20 days I get a year.

So all you students, have fun at school and enjoy it because when you leave ‘that dreaded place’, you leave much more behind. You say goodbye to both ‘school’ as well as ‘summer’.

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