The Art I Love

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Poems
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Art stimulates.

The mind is tasked to observe, perceive, and interpret.

Then at the end of it all;

The mind has to conclude.

The eyes see,

The ears hear,

The body feels the rhythm

Causing us to move;

Move from a place of comfort.

Getting lost in the artist’s mind.

Our minds shaken from a state of rest

Shaken to a point where there’s balance.

A balance between the norm and unusual.

Creativity driven by imagination.

Triggered simply by an idea.

The idea that nothing really is as it seems.

There’s more to some things than what we see.

So if they can deliver, present and express that idea.

Raging havoc in minds of people who are set in their ways,

Opening eyes, literally and figuratively, to possibilities;

Well that’s the artists’ job.

I love art that comforts the unstable and undermines the comfortable.

Fine art and art at large.

Art that provokes and calms.

Art that flows;

Flows sure and steadily like a raging river.

Art that does the unexpected.

Art that evokes pain and stirs up anger

Art that both lies and speaks the truth

Leaving us to wonder which.

Art that questions and states,

And it causes disgust.

Simply because it doesn’t conform.

Art that follows no path,

But forges its own.

One of man’s greatest fears;

Opposition to routine and habit.

The art I love does not care.


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