Forever Starts Now- Days 27-32

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Life Stories
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Good morning 🙂

It is truly a beautiful morning. Our God is so good.

Now where do I start? I haven’t posted for the pass 6 days for no other reason than I having been lazy.

Back to what I was saying; where do I start?

God is good.

I know I said that again, but it needed to be said again.

We serve a wonderful and powerful God. He is kind, loving, forgiving, gracious and merciful. He’s a lot of other things too but I just listed a few.

Over the days that I’ve been gone, I’ve been through some trials and I’ve had my challenges.

(On a side note: as I’m here sitting in the park writing this post, a random lady just passed and said she really likes my tie. I just smiled and said thanks. That honestly just lifted my spirits. I was already here in a good mood as I was gathering my thoughts to share with you. That was just the icing on the cake. God shows His love in all of us. That was a good example.)

So, ye, back to what I was saying.

As things happened and I was tested, I found comfort in God and His word.

That said, every time there is church (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) I find myself there. It’s great to get that continuous top up. I do my own studying and praying but it is so much sweeter to be in the house of the Lord worshipping with my sisters and brothers in Christ.

I will admit that Sabbath is the sweetest day of the week. After all it should be. It’s the Lord’s day. In any case, every day is a blessing from God and every day we should live a life pleasing to Him and worship Him.

Sabbath gone was amazing. It felt a lot sweeter too. It really does get better and better. The trials that come along the way only makes it sweeter when we can realize that there’s nothing we need to worry about when we put it all in the Master’s hands.

(On another side note: the rain is now beginning to drizzle and again I smile. Showers of blessings.)

The sermon Sabbath morning was entitled “What do you have in your hand?” and what a message that was.

We were told the stories about the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, that sling shot that David had, and the rod Moses had.

All of these things were small and simple and may not be have been able to do much as they were but when they were “put in the Master’s hands”, they fed the 5,000, defeated Goliath, and did great miracles.

We were asked and challenged to think about what we have in our hands. The things that we posses may seem unimportant and small in the greater picture of things, but we were encouraged to trust God and put it all in His hands, because He promises to always make a way for us. Everything that we have can be used to glorify Him and do good. So our talents and gifts and all that we own should never be hidden and kept from God. We have to offer it to Him.

A messaged which seemed so simple, had a great impact on my life. It made me begin to think about what things I have, gifts and talents, I was blessed with, that I am not using as I should. This is a question that I will continue to ask myself, “what do I have in my hands?”

I challenge all of you to ask yourselves the same question and you maybe surprised at what you discover. All those things we keep hidden away, let them get out.

(On yet another side note: the sun is back out shining beautifully.)

I left church the morning and headed home to eat my lunch. I went over by granny and I sat outside and read my bible and admired the beautiful world God has blessed us with, that sometimes in all the hustle of life, we don’t get to sit back and enjoy and thank God for it all.

I headed back to church in the afternoon for AY (Adventist Youth) and again I was happily filled with the message.

The devotion was entitled “Fight one more round”. Not only were references made to people from the bible but also too great people, in our time, who achieved great things because they were able to hold on and fight one more round. We were challenged to also hold on and when things get difficult, to turn to Jesus and ask for the strength to hang in there and fight one more round.

That’s all we need sometimes; that strength to fight one more round so we can get to the next step. As long as we trust in Him and ask, He will do it.

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

That’s what Jesus said in John 14:14.

I don’t know about you, but I will ask for that strength and the patience to get me through this round. I will only ask that you do the same.

The discussion afterwards was just as thought provoking. We were asked “what are your fears on your Christian walk?”

The kids had some very interesting fears, some of which even the adults admitted to have had and still do.

Some were afraid that even after they ask for forgiveness, that they might not be forgiven. And others said they ask themselves how will they know whether they have done enough and lived a life pleasing to God that they will inherit His kingdom. They fears were my fears as well.

As I’ve said earlier, God is loving and forgiving. There is no greater love than His. This being true, and we are told that whatever we ask in His name and trusting in Him, He will do; then what are we really afraid of? He said He will do it so He WILL do it.

Put it in the Master’s hands, and leave it there.

What do you have in your hands? Doubts, burdens and fears. Give them all up to God and see what Great things He will do.

I’m here amazed that I’ve only spoken about Sabbath and I haven’t gotten to this week yet.

As I was reading my devotions this week, I’ve been told again about God’s love and what a love that is.

Actually I just posted a post just now about God’s love. Have a read.
Today, I Say Thanks For God’s Love

As I said in the beginning, the days don’t pass without their challenges, but with God steering my ship I will make it. You can too.

I think I’ve said a lot and I know I’ve forgotten quite a bit but I’m sure what I’ve shared with you will help and impact positively.

If you’ve learnt something, share it with your friends and family. You can share this post if you want. Don’t keep something so amazing a secret. Let the world know about God’s love and all He has done for you.



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