My Prayer

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Life Stories
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Dear Heavenly Father,
You are king above all.
When I’m in need,
It’s You, I can always call.

I bow before You,
As Your humble servant.
I pray for Your guidance
For me to be what You want.

I ask for Your forgiveness,
For the wrong that I’ve done.
You are merciful and forgiving.
You sent Your only begotten son.

Thank You for Your Blessings,
On us each and every day.
You provide for us abundantly;
Always making a way.

I pray You touch my family,
And all my friends the same.
Remind us You’re most powerful,
None greater than Your name.

Dear gracious Father, I love you.
Your love is like no other.
Teach me to daily trust You
And to you, my heart surrender.

All these things I ask of you,
My king and my friend.
This is my sincere prayer,
Through Jesus Christ, Amen.


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