Today, I Say Thanks For… #5

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Life Stories
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Today, I say thanks for my friends, again. This time I will be more specific. I say thanks for my Christian friends.

As I go through each day, with all the challenges that come with each day, my Christian friends are the ones that are not only there for me but they are there to encourage me and help keep me focused on my walk with God.

We will all face challenges and with good, positive support in friends, along with knowing that God is always there we can face and conquer all of them.

It does help to have friends who might have had to overcome similar hurdles on their Christian journey and to hear how they managed through it with God’s help. Sometimes, seeing is believing so seeing how has God worked His wonders in our friends lives, we are reminded that He can do the same for us.

God truly is great.



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