Today, I Say Thanks For… #4

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Life Stories
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Today, I say thanks for the freedom of choice. We have that freedom. That freedom extends to freedom of religion. I am privileged to be able to choose my religion, but many people over the world are restricted to the religion they may be part of. That said, Christianity is illegal still in different parts of the world.

My friend (the one who inspired me to start this post series) did a post on this 2 days ago and she summed it up quite nicely too. Here’s a link to that post: Today I Am Thankful For #3

If you think about it, everyone should be free to do as such. Making any religion illegal is just wrong.This should never be the case, but unfortunately it is.

For my freedom, I am truly thankful.

God has always given us the right to choose. Why then should people find it upon themselves to take away our freedom of choice?

Furthermore, the Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18, states that we all as humans have that right to freedom of religion.


Be sure to thank the Lord for blessing you with this freedom.


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