Today, I Say Thanks For… #3

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Life Stories
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Today, I say thanks for my friends.

Friends are just like family. The difference is, we choose our friends. So our friends are in our lives by choice; both on our end and theirs. And when I say “friend”, I mean it in its true sense of the word and not like how it is thrown around daily.

Family, either is or isn’t. Friends, the same holds true but the difference is choice. A friend chooses to be there for you to help you up when you fall. A friend chooses to be there to support you and to be that shoulder to lean on. A friend chooses to help.

So a friend is family, by choice.

Friends truly are a blessing. That’s why I am here thanking God for mine.

The greatest friend of all and the friend that should be our best friend is Jesus. He has already made His choice; that is, He has chosen to be our friend.

It’s now up to us to make Him our friend by choosing Him. I’ve already chosen Him. What about you?

Are you thankful for your friends?

  1. jamastex says:

    Amen 😀 “I am a friend of God” as the song goes. We should nourish our daily living with this notion that God is a friend.

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