Forever Starts Now- Day 15 & 16

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Life Stories
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Good night.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I spent the day with my really cool, amazing and bubbly friend. She is crazy too. She invited me to come go on this photo safari with her photography class from school so I said sure, because what aspiring photographer doesn’t like going out and exploring and taking photos.

She fed me some amazing brownies, some tasty seasoned popcorn and some lovely tuna sandwiches… all that she made for me. I couldn’t ask for better friends than the ones I have now.

We did a lot of talking about a lot of different things. We discussed stuff going on in each other’s lives, our friends, our relationship with God and what we are learning and how amazing He is.

Cherry, that’s not her real name but that’s what I call her, and we have a lot of things in common. We are super heroes.

That’s us there 🙂

I really did have a lot of fun yesterday.

God continued to show me why He is so great and awesome. 5:30 and we were now finished the photo safari (was more like a hike because we walked farrrrrrrrrrr) and I wasn’t sure how I was getting home in time to get ready for church at 6:30. It finished later than I thought. It just so happened that one of the ladies there lives down the road from me and she offered me a ride home. I then got home and mommy gave me the car to drive so all that was left for me to do was to get ready and go. I got to church just a little after it started but from being so close to not making it at all, I was there in good time.

Today too was pretty good.

Tonight, I drove my sister to work and when I was driving home something occurred to me. As we drive on the road, we put our trust in every other driver on the road. We trust that they can drive properly and that they have good judgement. And we trust them automatically and without reservation. So there I was thinking, why do we find it so easy to trust men with our lives but so many of us are scared and aren’t sure about fully trusting the Lord with our lives.

God can do all things. If we can trust man, we can most definitely trust God. Man can leave us, but the Lord will never leave or forsake us.

Trust in the Lord. He will provide for you and cover you by His grace. There’s nothing you’ll have to fear when you give it all up to Him.


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