Forever Starts Now- Day 12 & 13

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Life Stories
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Pleasant Sabbath to everyone.

It feels so great to be alive.

Another week is coming to an end and there’s alot for me to thank the Lord for.

He truly has blessed me.

Yesterday and Thursday didn’t go without its challenges. My patience was put to the test, both at work and in my personal life.

Each time as I was faced with a test, I found myself praying. It was almost by instinct that I did this. I’m realizing that when ever I need help, I can always call on Him.

I’m going to make mention of a scripture I mentioned before; Matthew 7:7-8.

The Lord tells us in that scripture that if we ask we shall receive.

That’s why I know that when I ask for help, I can be sure I will receive it.

Everyday, I ask the Lord to guide my thoughts and actions that I may live a life pleasing to Him.

I was telling a friend last night that I recently turned down a job that would’ve probably paid me a pretty penny. But the job wasn’t with what God wants. So by all means, I will leave that out because a penny is only pretty here on earth.

I’ll end as I have started, here’s hoping you all a blessed sabbath.

  1. I love the last 2 paragraphs esp, few realize that factor!

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