Forever Starts Now- Day 11

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Life Stories
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Yesterday was good because God blessed me with life to see a brand new day.

Yesterday didn’t go without I having a few challenges to overcome though.

I wasn’t worried because I knew the Lord had me covered because he doesn’t put anything before us that He, himself, haven’t already giving us the tools to overcome. Plus it feels great knowing that He is always there right next to me.

I’ve been faced with a close friend who I care deeply for but she is often low on patience, with me and people in general. Added to that, it doesn’t help that she gets frustrated and lashes out.

I’ve been praying to God asking him to guide me because I really don’t want someone in my life who will constantly be bringing me down. But that’s what I don’t want. It may very well be what God wants and knows I need. Maybe, I need to be put down so that I may learn, now, how to pick myself back up while holding onto the Father’s hand.

What ever be His will, it shall be. I’ve put it in his hands.

Plus I’ve been telling her about working on her patience for a while now, so that would make me a hypocrite if I, myself, don’t exercise patience with her.

The Lord knows best.

I give up… All to Him.


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