Forever Starts Now- Day 10

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Life Stories
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Yesterday was actually a very nice day. Why? That’s because God is good.

Work went by without any hiccups and then I headed home. Yesterday was the first day I started back exercising and boy was I in for a surprise.

So I put on my shoes and I was out through the door.

As I told you guys yesterday, everything just worked out, so I believe it was God who was telling me to get back in shape; and by the train of events that happened the day before. It makes sense too, because if I’m shaping my life to live for God, it’s only right that I put my body back in shape.

I jogged to the location where I was meeting my friend. Well I didn’t make it all the way. I was that much out of shape. I made it half way and then I walked the rest. Believe it or not, where I was going was a mere 5mins drive away so you can appreciate it wasn’t that far but I still couldn’t make it. My legs didn’t want to, even although I knew I wanted to.

We did about 4 laps around the area and I’m going to estimate a lap was about 1km. The first lap we walked and then the next we ran and then walked and then walked and ran the last lap.

Surprisingly, when we were done, I was ready now to go again and at that point I felt like I could easily run home. That didn’t happen though. Instead I walked my friend home and then she dropped me home.

Recently, I’ve been feeling amazing. I wasn’t letting small things get to me because I know God is always with me. To make things better, last night when I got home, my body, too, felt amazing.

I hadn’t felt so good in so long.

God truly is good.


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