Forever Starts Now- Day 8

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Life Stories
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Good Morning,

Yesterday was pretty great 🙂

I cooked and I cooked early. When 10 came I was done. I called over my grandmother to come for some food. My brother wasn’t home so he didn’t eat and mommy doesn’t eat any food we make so it was just granny and I who ate. Granny told me she enjoyed. I myself was quite happy with the finished product.

We spent the afternoon skyping family in England. It was a fun afternoon filled with laughter and jokes. I love my family. In the past, I probably haven’t shown that but that’s all going to change. My little cousin is so precious. As we were skyping, my older sister asked her if she remembers her but my cousin said no, but surprisingly she remembers my brother and I. So my cousin proceeds to tell my sister that the last time she saw my sister she was 7 and that she is now 10. At this point all of us broke out laughing. She made it seem like ages the way she said it. I really do love my family.

God really has blessed me with my family and the friends He sent my way.

I’m off to work now, so here’s praying that all of you have an enjoyable and positive week.


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