What I want

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Poems
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I want your hand to hold

The warmth of your touch

Holding hands may be simple

Simple is romantic, and so is such


I want to put a smile on your face

A smile only true happiness can bring

I want to make you giggle and laugh

At me. With me. At absolutely nothing


I want to keep that smile on your face

When you’re sad, upset or down

I want to look into your eyes

Kiss those lips, and invert that frown


I want to stare and admire your beauty

Your body? Yes! But not only.

The ‘you’ you are when you are with me

There’s a lot more to you, and I want to see


I want to lay next to you outside

Dazing into the sky; at clouds or at stars

No words have to be shared at all

That time will be special. It would be ours.


I want to know that you are mine

If only there was even a slight chance

Not only would you be happy, but so would I

Maybe in the future? If only I could get a glance.


Am I asking for too much?

Wouldn’t any guy want these things too?

What I want is simple

I… Want… You.

  1. ClownPonders says:

    I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing it!

  2. so i finally got to read my emails and see a host of poems from you, if it were anyone else I’d of just hit delete but I’m truly glad I took the time out to read them; your work is awesome!!

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