Photo of The Day 7- The Last Squirrel

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Photos
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Ok. This photo might not look like much to you guys but there’s a story about this photo and I’ll share.

I was in Canada for 4+ weeks on vacation and I saw squirrels EVERYwhere and I kept saying to myself that I wanted to take some photos of them but I never had my camera in hand when ever they were being cute and stuff. This was from DAY 1…. and I just kept seeing them and most times I would be too lazy to get out my cam to take the pics of them. What kind of photographer does that? lol … Only me I could imagine.

So this here squirrel and this here photo is the ONLY photo of a squirrel I got for all that time in Canada and I actually took this TWO days before I left. So this pic is special to me. 🙂 … Turns out he was also the LAST squirrel I saw too.

  1. Photos like this, you have to be a Photographer to appreciate and I totally get you when it comes to being lazy sometimes 🙂

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