Sometimes it works (first thoughts)

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Poems
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AND IMAGINE that these are two alternatives to the my last reblog! She has a serious knack for this and that’s for sure!!!



Sometimes it works

two become one

the dream begins,

all happy and in love

thanking God up above

for the angel in her and

the hero in him

But then the days

of the honeymoon end

and reality sets in

and she becomes the

devil in disguise and he

the predator on the rise

The real characters come

out in spouts of surprise

to see and to live with

are never the same, worst

if they start to blame.

So how does it all end

do they ever reach

that point of “love”

again, sometimes it

works but sometimes

it comes to an end

Sometimes it works,

sometimes it might, cuz

love isn’t for the faint of

heart but those who

are willing to at all

costs even when it

seems pointless, put

up a fight!


You take that big

leap of faith and

don’t land flat on…

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