My Perfect Love Mix

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What you need:
1 male
1 female
1 friendship
1 bowl

Good communication

NB: If this recipe is not followed correctly and to the end, the result will not be a good one.

The perfect love mix is actually very simple. What you need, and the only way this recipe will work successfully, is if the two individuals are willing to start the process and to continue to the very end. That’s the first thing we need, commitment.

1. Take the friendship and put it in the bowl and add all the trust both people can muster up, which will allow for a good foundation. In addition, the only way to have the trust set properly in the friendship is to knead in good communication.
2. Heat the mixture up a little with intimacy and let it simmer.
3. A few cups of patience added will go a long way in coping with and avoiding any unnecessary mishaps.
If the patience isn’t enough, or even just to be on the safe side, be sure to stir in some understanding.
4. At this point the mix should be nutritious as it is and be at the right consistency, all that’s left is to add some flavour. Why flavour? You need the flavour because regardless of how good something is, looks, feels and smells, we are only going to enjoy it if it tastes good. Romance works as a great sweetener and despite it is sweet it is still healthy and even diabetics are advised to use this and not to replace with any artificial sweeteners.
5. Now that that’s done, this mix should be enough to serve a lifetime and it is best serve with some spontaneity to spice it up. However, if you find that the mix is running low, be sure to top up all the ingredients.

This love mix should NOT be consumed alone. They say a joy shared is a joy doubled so be sure to double up that joy. It serves two, so that special someone who took the time to create the masterpiece with you should be the one who enjoys the fruits of their labour.

The final result, I call it “Happiness” and that is my perfect love mix. After all, it’s one in the same.

  1. Just what I was saying on fbook, your work is awesome!

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