Posted: April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized


My unhealthy desire for you is causing me to question my rationality.
Falling for you has left me to fend for myself in the gruesome abode of the damned.
Maybe my tormented heart belongs in the inferno regions of sorrow as a punishment for idiotically thinking we would ever be.
After all, I only met you recently.
Which is probably why you had no remorse for committing arson.
Only you can justify intentionally setting my heart ablaze.
It is no coincidence that once again, another selfish hubris has blindly led me down the unlit path of the unknown; inflicting additional pain on my ponderous and now charred heart, with only memories of our happier times fuelling my waning level of sanity.

Unrequited lust, I am such a fool.
I should have known that our intentions were in two separate zones. Yet, your gleaming eyes and soft smile will always find…

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