“My Foolish Advice”

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Life Stories
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Ok, first thing first, this advice isn’t my advice but advice given to me and I thought it was worth sharing because it’ll probably help someone. The ones who care about us find the time to sit and chat with us and tell us about experiences they had and try to guide us right so we don’t make any mistakes they made and so we may learn a thing or two from them.

That was what my uncle has been doing with me from the time I got up here in Canada about 3 weeks ago. Most of the time he just starts talking out the blue and I will admit sometimes I don’t want to hear but I suck it up and I do. What’s interesting though is how he goes about giving his advice. Luckily for me he keeps it real with me.

I’m a young adult so he likes to give me tips about women and everyday stuff. I sometimes get defensive when he starts going on because, what I’m realizing now, I can relate to what he is saying and it feels as though he is talking about me and attacking me. Thing is, he can’t be because he doesn’t know enough about my daily life because I don’t see or hear him much. So that goes to show that maybe it isn’t just me that goes through these stuff. Well I already know that much but it does hit you when you hear stories and get advice that directly relates to you at that current time. Funny thing too is that in my first week up here, when all the talks started happening, he said to me that maybe I came up here to spend time with him at this point in his and my life. When he said that then I just thought he was just talking for talking sake. Now however, I think differently and I agree.

On to our chat this morning. I won’t say a lot more but I’ll just write a couple quotes he told me and a little bit about them because these are more or less stuff we hear everyday. The question is, do we listen? I don’t always but I listened today.

Just letting you know these quotes are not necessarily in order and we were talking about a lot of different things.

1. “It is what it is.”

I know everyone has heard that before. Simply put, what ever life has put before you now, go with it. Don’t study the past too much and don’t live your whole life in the future.

2. “Choose a path and live by it.”

We all make decisions daily and we have to live by them. This kinda goes with the quote above. If you make a choice, looking back and saying to yourself maybe if I went this way maybe this would have happened isn’t necessarily true because if you took a different path you would never have known what was down this path. Does that make any sense? Well I hope it does. So when you made a choice just go with it and enjoy.

3. “When you start something; start running. Yes you will get tired but so will everyone else.”

I think this one pretty much speaks for itself. I hope.

4. “NO ONE person should pull you down. If anything let it be an army that does that and even then you put up your fight.”

I think this is my favorite 🙂

No person should be able to make you feel inferior. Just stay strong.

That’s pretty much it.

From now on, even though it may be a lot of talking to listen to, I’ll be sure I pay attention to “foolish advice” when ever I get the chance to. And as you can see that’s in quotes because that’s just a saying we use in Barbados. There was nothing foolish about the advice I got.

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