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She sat.
She sat gripping her bruised legs tightly to her heaving chest as she softly whimpered.
She intently studied the overwhelming lamentation of the people. Her people.
Enthralled by their obvious agony and somewhat flummoxed at their complete oblivion to her alarmingly passive state.
Perceptive passiveness, of course, if compared to the familiar faces of her loved ones, contorted with the virulent pain.
She seemed relatively quiescent, causing her to distinctly stand out against the frenzied actions of her people.
She sequestered in her almighty calm and let her mind wander.
Mourning had taken precedence, it seemed.
The dead lined the blood stained walls decoratively, their limp corpses generating a miniscule flicker of envy within her discombobulated heart.
She had an unhealthy desire for her body to be at rest like the dead and momentarily wished her mind would resemble a blank canvas. Cleansed from the worry that dominated…

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