Posted: February 11, 2012 in Poems
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Can you please tell me why?
Why do you put up with me?
Why do you let me treat you this way?
Why do you allow me to hurt you?
Why don’t you ever fight back?
Why do you believe my lies?
Why are you always by my side?
Why are you still here?

I’ll tell you why.
I put up with you because no one else will.
I let you treat me this way so you can get your frustrations out.
I allow you to hurt me so you don’t hurt yourself.
I don’t ever fight back because fighting will never solve anything.
I believe your lies because I trust you.
I’m always by your side so you’ll have a hand to hold when you’re scared or alone.
So if you want to know why,
It’s because I’m your friend.


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