It Hurts

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Poems
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When I’m alone I think.
The thought of being alone, hurts.
Because I know I’ll think of you.
When that happens, it hurts.
Emotionally, it hurts.
The pain, sometimes is too much to bear
But I’ll try to because I love you,
But it still hurts.
Emotional pain becomes physical.
My body aches.
My stomach and head hurts.
The feeling in my heart
And the thoughts in my head
Makes me sick,
And it hurts.
How do I make it stop?
Will it ever stop hurting?
They say that time heals
But the reality is, time passes.
That’s more time to think,
More time to feel,
And more time to hurt.
The pain seeks to cripple me.
It digs deep down inside of me.
I know it affects me.
Why must this pain do this to me?
It’s holding onto me for dear life,
Sucking away slowly at my poor life.
It drains me.
Glimpses of happiness distract me,
Just long enough that it doesn’t hurt,
But distractions only last a while
After that, the pain creeps back in.
Will I be stuck with this dark passenger?
I dare say I’m strong enough,
And I’m going to be brave enough.
I’ll do all this for you.
I’ll keep this pain…
Even though it hurts.


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